Team or Director discussing during a break the scene direction on set of a commercial video production or reportage at a screen
Team or Director discussing during a break the scene direction on set of a commercial video production or reportage at a screen

Our Approach at Colorado Video

Colorado Video Production LLC is a full-service video production services company based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. We are passionate about creating impactful videos for businesses, organizations and not-for-profits that inspire viewers and make the world a better place. Colorado Video serves local, national and international markets.

Our business model is unique in that we have a team of the most talented video production professionals in the state. For every video we produce, we custom select from our team members to ensure your video turns out to be one you love.

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“Jamie’s (Founder & CEO) passion for the work that she does was evident from the first day I met her. She literally engulfed herself in the fabric of serving the homeless and those in jeopardy of becoming homeless so that she could convey the essence of the nightmare that is homelessness. The result was a highly effective video that not only tells the story but stirs emotions and a call to action as well. Jamie has quickly become ‘part of our team’ and that may be the highest compliment I could give.”

Ken John, Murphy Center Resource & Marketing Director

Watch the promo video and music video Colorado Video produced for the Murphy Center.

“Jamie (Founder & CEO) filmed our home while we had it on the market and we showcased her video as part of our online media promotion.  Jamie is very easy to work with and has such a pleasant personality.  She is a great listener and easily talks through the needs of her clients. From the grandiose drone video showcasing perfect sky views of our property to the elegant interior shots, Jamie delivered a beautiful video.”

Dave & Monica Hadfield, Owners of 3722 Taliesin Way, Fort Collins

Watch their real estate video.

Meet the Colorado Video Team

We work with Colorado's most innovative and creative talent and have custom-selected talented professionals from all over the state of Colorado. Learn more about some of the incredible people that belong to the Colorado Video Productions team by reading below.


Jamie Crawford

Founder & CEO

Jamie Crawford has more than 20 years of experience in  journalism and public relations and loves the art of storytelling through video. She hand selects creative professionals for each project/customer based on their individual creativity, passion and talent. Starting Colorado Video Productions is a dream-come-true and has been years in the making.


Caroline W. Tracz

Production Manager

Caroline Tracz is Colorado Video's Production Manager and works directly with customers, making sure their video production process goes seamlessly, from beginning to end.

Peter Orlando

Peter Orlando

Producer & Editor

Peter Orlando has a wealth of experience in crafting videos that make complex topics easy to understand. He has mastered the art of using video to organize ideas into clear and compelling messages that inspire viewers.

Autumn Parry

Autumn Parry


Autumn Parry has a passion for videography and the ability to create compelling narratives and deliver stories that affect viewers. Her experience is diverse, from event coverage to in-depth features for well-known Colorado media outlets and American Public Television.

Charles Elmer headshot

Charles Elmer

Videographer & Editor

Charles Elmer is passionate about videographer and storytelling and is experienced in a wide variety of different elements of the videography industry. Clients he has worked with range from medical to large conference and from education to places of worship.


Valerie Mosley


Valerie Mosley is an award-winning videographer and storyteller, with many years of experience in the newspaper industry. Her passion is in meeting new people, seeing new things and taking on the challenge of capturing video that effectively conveys the client's message.

Mark Foerster

Mark Foerster


Mark Foerster is a freelance animator with over 25 years of animation, video, and illustration experience and expertise. He enjoys developing a positive working relationship with the client in order to bring their visions to life. Animation has always been his keen interest going back to creating stop-motion clay models as a kid. Visualizing the hidden worlds in science and medicine fosters better understanding for patients, doctors, and the general public.

Janine Trudell

Janine Trudell

Videographer, Editor, Producer

Janine Trudell 's video production skills and experience include a broad range of formats with various broadcast organizations. Janine possesses a wealth of experience shooting and editing news content for commercial news organizations to documentary-style programs to web material. A creative, passionate and detail oriented story teller, Janine is a people person and believes everyone has a unique story to tell.

Tory Maurer

Tory Maurer

Director, Videographer, Editor, Colorist

Tory Maurer is a natural team player and has a passion for finding the heart of the message in every video project he undertakes. Editing is where he creatively crafts together stories through video, aiming to make the final product authentic and entertaining.  Tory enjoys technology and makes a point of always staying up to date with what is new and trendsetting. His creative mind and wide-array of experience in many facets of video production make him a cherished member of our team.

mike vickerman

Mike Vickerman

Producer, Videographer, Editor

Mike Vickerman is a freelance videographer, producer and editor based in Fort Collins, Colorado. He earned his certification in television and radio broadcasting at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. He has been in the entertainment industry since 1998 when he worked for the Colorado Avalanche and the Denver Nuggets. In 2001, Mike was a member of the team when they won the Stanley Cup and was awarded a championship ring. Mike can shoot a wide variety of videos ranging from weddings, documentary to corporate commercials.

Brian Lynn

Bryan Lynn

Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor & Voiceover Talent

Brian Lynn's work focuses on bringing visual storytelling to global markets, forging a deeper connection with audiences and their industries. As both a production coordinator and hands-on producer, shooter, and editor, Brian has spent the last decade interviewing and filming leaders and innovators throughout the world. Brian's in-depth understanding of online and digital marketing concepts and best practices, as well as his ability to creatively inject empathy into business narrative has kept Brian at the top of his game.


Ryan Adams

Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor & Voiceover Talent

Ryan Adams began his career as a videographer in 2000, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Digital Media.  From his base in Austin, Texas he shared his talent as a freelance videographer with National Geographic, ESPN, The Learning Channel, A&E, and The History Channel, and many others.  Ryan has collaborated on several pilot series for National Geographic Channel, and Discovery Health that became long-running series. Ryan has a passion for nature and the outdoors, as well as the human element of any story. He relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2016.

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