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Colorado Video Productions LLC is a full-service video productions company based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. We are certified as a small women-owned business with the federal government and work with the most talented men and women in the video production industry. Our business model is unique in that we have a pool of video production experts – from cinematographers to animators to motion graphic artists – to draw from all over the state of Colorado and throughout the rest of the country.

We are made up of artists passionate about creating impactful videos for businesses, organizations and non-profits that inspire viewers and make the world a better place. We have no geographic borders and serve local, national and international markets.

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“I began working with Jamie & Caroline in 2016 to have them produce promotional videos and run the media center at the Colorado Horse Council’s largest fundraiser, the annual Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. They soon became more than just a vendor and we now consider them to be valuable members of our marketing team. Their creativity and out-of-the box thinking has transformed our organization and brought us to a higher marketing level. We now have the Colorado Video team on a monthly retainer for services and I have also brought them in to help with another organization I direct, Colorado Egg Producers. I highly recommend them to any organization looking to produce videos that give results.”  – Bill Scebbi, CEO/Executive Director of the Colorado Horse Council


“Jamie’s (Founder of Colorado Video) passion for the work that she does was evident from the first day I met her. She literally engulfed herself in the fabric of serving the homeless and those in jeopardy of becoming homeless so that she could convey the essence of the nightmare that is homelessness. The result was a highly effective video that not only tells the story but stirs emotions and a call to action as well. Jamie has quickly become ‘part of our team’ and that may be the highest compliment I could give.” – Ken John, Murphy Center Resource & Marketing Director

“Jamie (Founder & CEO) filmed our home while we had it on the market and we showcased her video as part of our online media promotion.  Jamie is very easy to work with and has such a pleasant personality.  She is a great listener and easily talks through the needs of her clients. From the grandiose drone video showcasing perfect sky views of our property to the elegant interior shots, Jamie delivered a beautiful video.” – Dave & Monica Hadfield, Owners of 3722 Taliesin Way, Fort Collins

Watch their real estate video.

Jamie Crawford is the founder of Colorado Video Productions and has more than 23 years of experience in journalism, public relations and marketing. She is an award-winning writer with a genuine passion for the art of storytelling through video. Jamie’s experience in video production is vast with many years of experience in video production and storytelling from her previous career in journalism. She enjoys all areas of video production from location scouting to script writing to non-linear editing. Jamie’s gift is her compassion for people and her ability to tell their stories in ways that move audiences.

Caroline Tracz is Colorado Video Production’s Managing Partner and works directly with customers and team members, making sure the video production process goes seamlessly, from beginning to end. She also works directly with our team members to match the right video professionals with each project based on experience and passion for the industry or topic. Caroline lives in Fort Collins, loves Northern Colorado and plans to remain here permanently. Caroline has studied Entrepreneurial Business Management and for more than 10 years has worked in management, marketing and outreach. Caroline enjoys working directly with customers and takes care of the important details of each video production job.

Caroline and Jamie draw from a talented pool of video production experts throughout Colorado and when recently polled about the team’s combined years of experience, Colorado Video Productions can proudly declare that our team has more than 250 years of experience combined!

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