What happens when you hire a professional video production company to produce your corporate, medical or non-profit video?

For those not familiar with the process of working with a professional video production company, we have put together a step-by-step description of what happens from beginning to end. Depending on individual needs, these steps may change slightly because every video project is different. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions at info@coloradovideo.com or phone 1-800-970-4628.


  1. Go to our website at ColoradoVideo.com and click on Get Started. Fill out our detailed questionnaire describing what you are looking for. When you press send, a copy of your answers will be sent to us as well as to the email address you provided.

  2. Within 3 business days, we will contact you and provide you with a detailed quote for your custom video.

  3. An initial first meeting (ideally in person) will be scheduled with key players within your organization to discuss your video production project in detail.

  4. Upon hiring us to produce your video, we will have you sign a production contract and provide a 45% deposit for our services.

  5. Over the next few weeks, you will be provided with written plan that could include a script, storyboard and shot list to review, edit and approve before we start filming.

  6. Locations will be scouted and researched for their feasibility. Talent will be hired (if necessary) and a detailed production schedule for filming will be provided to the team.

  7. An experienced crew will be hired that are tailored to your specific needs. Usually this includes between 4-10 people performing a variety of different professional film services.

  8. On the day or days of shooting (typically between 1-3 days), the production crew will film video required for your project. Craft service will be provided to talent and crew during filming days (includes coffee, water, snacks and meals).

  9. All video filmed belongs to you and will be provided to you for any other use you require it for. i.e. editing it into short social media videos, using for other projects etc.

  10. You will be provided with a selection of royalty-free music to listen to and select for use in your video.

  11. Using your video’s agreed-upon script and storyboard, an experienced non-linear editor will get to work on creatively telling your story through the art of video.

  12. A rough draft of your video will be provided to sign off on. Once you have signed off on the rough draft, we will ask you to provide another payment of 35% towards the total cost of producing your video. Imagine the analogy of building a new home. This first rough draft of your video is like seeing the foundation and framing of a new home that under construction. Once you sign off on the rough draft (or foundation and framing) we will get to work making your video exactly what you envisioned (like a beautifully finished, furnished and landscaped new home).

  13. You will provide 5 batches/rounds of changes to the non-linear video editor. (More than 5 rounds of edits will be billed accordingly.)

  14. Once video is completed to your full satisfaction, you will be provided with final versions of your video in the formats agreed upon. You will also be provided with the raw footage we filmed for use for any other projects you would like. After you have received your final video, we will invoice you for the remaining 20% towards the total costs of producing your video.